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For custom taxidermy work, please fill out a contact form and include a brief description of the type of mount you would like to have done. I accept preparation orders for everything from Anna's hummingbirds to Zebra. If it has fins, fur, feathers, tentacles, or claws, I've got you covered.

I will respond to your inquiry and provide you with a quote for the services you are interested in at my earliest convenience.

Model Making

Molding & Casting




Scale models & miniatures

Skeleton Articulation

Bone cleaning

Custom articulations 

Cases, bases, and mount fabrication

Diorama Installation

I am part of a network of Bay Area artists that includes talented muralists, foreground artists, exhibit fabricators, and builders that create beautiful scenic dioramas.  From portable habitat cases and small vignettes for educators and private collectors, to large museum installations- almost anything is possible. 

Conservation & Refurbishment

Faded plumage or pelage


Pest damage

Mount cleaning

Damage assessment

Reconstruction / re-mounting


Rock work

Artificial trees

Plant preservation

Custom plant fabrication

Ground rolls and platforms

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